Chatsie replaces the Android interface

It only shows the options you choose, like “Call Alan” or “Text Sarah”.


Display only what matters to you, with a fully customisable interface

Easy to customise to your needs using the web, whenever and wherever you are.

Manageable over the internet

Edit phone settings remotely from any web browser.

Works with all other apps

Compatible with other apps you may want to use, like Facebook or WhatsApp. Just add them to the Chatsie menu.

Blocks confusing notifications

Chatsie Notification Blocker app stops all notifications that you haven’t chosen to receive.

Designed for simplicity

Streamline the phone by turning off screen locks and passwords, increase the length of time before the screen goes off, and make Chatsie apps the default for everyday tasks such as calls and texts.

One simple, easy to install interface

The Chatsie Menu app replaces the Android interface with a simple screen showing only the options you choose. All you need to do is install using the Google Play store. You can install other Chatsie apps to simplify calls and texts and block unwanted notifications.

Note: you need a free Google account to do this.

Chatsie Menu shows you a simple screen, with only the options you choose

Chatsie Calls lets you make calls to the people you frequently contact

Chatsie Texts makes it easy to read and write text messages

Chatsie Notification Blocker stops confusing notifications that you haven’t chosen to receieve

You can remove Chatsie at any time by deleting Chatsie.


What phone can I use?

You can use any Android phone as long as it’s running Android 6.0 or later. See our Phones page to find out how you can check which version your phone has, or buy an affordable new Android if you don’t have one.

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Why is Chatsie only available on Android OS?

Chatsie is only available on Android and cannot run on iOS because of the restrictions imposed on iOS by Apple, this prevents developers from being able to replace the standard home screen with something else.

Is Chatsie free?

Yes. We make money by licensing Chatsie to phone manufacturers but can install Chatsie for personal use for free.

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Where do I download the 4 Chatsie apps?

You can easily download the 4 Chatsie apps via the Play Store. In order for Chatsie to work properly, you will need to download all of the apps. You can search the names of the apps, or click on the links below.

Do I need to create a new Google/Play Store account?

We recommend creating a new Google account specifically for your Chatsie phone, to keep it separate from any existing Google account you may have. If you don’t already have a Google account, you can create one for free.

How do I manage the phone on the web?

Go to You will need a unique 5 digit code available on the phone. From the main menu tap “Other options” > “Advanced” > “Manage web”. This code will establish the connection.

How do I customise the interface?

You can customise the interface on the phone by going to the main menu then tapping “Other options” > “Advanced” > “Edit menu”. To add or remove apps from the menu you can go to “Other options” > “Add or hide apps”. You can also customise the interface on the web at

Once the connection has been established, you can do this via the “Edit menu” section. From here you are able to toggle off/on whether they are able to read/send texts to certain contacts, view their call log, listen to voicemail, access 3rd party apps (like WhatsApp or Camera) etc. 

How do I turn off notifications?

Ensure you have downloaded and installed the Chatsie Notification Blocker App. On the web, click “Edit settings”, turn “Block notifications” on, and then save. On the phone, tap “Other options” > “Advanced” > “Check settings”. Turn “Block notifications” on and then save. 

Can I still use 3rd party apps? (e.g. Facebook or WhatsApp)

Yes, the phone user can add apps to Chatsie Menu by going to “Other options” > “Advanced” > “Add or hide apps”.

How do I disable Chatsie?

Delete all of the Chatsie apps on the phone.

How do I leave feedback?

Please email with any feedback.

Does Chatsie run in different languages?

Chatsie is only currently available in English.

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