Chatsie OS replaces the Android interface


Chatsie OS is a simplified operating system based on Android.
Designed with seniors, and those unfamiliar with smartphone technology in mind.
With Chatsie OS all phone features are accessible to anyone.

Display only what matters to you, with a customisable interface

Customise over the internet

Edit phone settings remotely on the web. Share a code from “Help” and type that into our remote management tool.

Download the apps you want

Compatible with other apps you may want to use, like Facebook or WhatsApp. We use a third party app store which doesn’t require a Google account.

Designed for simplicity

Screen locks and passwords are turned off by default.

No confusing notifications

We have removed unwanted notifications from pre-installed apps, so you only receive them from apps you have downloaded.

The menu

The ChatsieOS menu shows only the options you choose. As a default, this simplifies calls, texts and saving numbers. You have the option to add shortcuts in the menu such as “Call John”, “Open Camera” and “Text Sarah”

The menu is a simple screen, showing texts, calls and your shortcuts

An easy to read dial pad for typing numbers

Simplified texts makes it easy to read and write messages

Dial screen shows essential information and toggles to use mute and loudspeaker


What phone can I use?

We currently are selling Chatsie OS on Samsung A22’s, which you can buy here.  It is also possible install Chatsie OS on any Android phone which supports Google GSI images (such as those compliant with Google Treble). View our OEMs page for more details.

Why can Chatsie OS only be installed on Android phones?

Chatsie cannot be install on iPhones because of the restrictions imposed on iOS by Apple. This prevents developers from being able to place images over the homescreen.

How much does Chatsie cost?

The Chatsie A22 phone, that is delivered ready to use, costs £249.99.

Licences for OEMs are purchased for £20 for installation on other Android phones.

How do I register a Chatsie OS licence?

Once you have purchased a licence you activate it using a QR code on the license login page. Please email for a licence and installation insctructions.

How do I manage the phone on the web?

Go to You will need a unique 5 digit code available on the phone. From the main menu tap “Other options” > “Get Help” > “Generate code”. Entering this code on the manage site will establish the connection. Note, that the phone will need a WiFi or data connection.

Can I still use 3rd party apps? (e.g. Facebook or WhatsApp)

Yes. First, other apps must be downloaded via a third party app store. With the advantage that no Google account is needed. The phone user can add apps to the menu by navigating to “Use Apps”.

How do I disable Chatsie?

You will have to uninstall the software off the phone which is permanent. We recommend contacting phone retailed or for more information.

How do I leave feedback?

Please email with any feedback.

Does Chatsie run in different languages?

Chatsie is only currently available in English.

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