Enter the “Phones for Seniors” market using ChatsieOS!

If you’re an established smartphone manufacturer or distributor, get in touch with us about volume licensing Chatsie OS.
With a license you can install Chatsie OS onto compatible phones you sell to your customers. ChatsieOS can be installed either as an Android Generic System Image (GSI) or through a fork of Android based on LineageOS.
Chatsie OS licenses start at just $20 per installation.  Email us at partners@chatsie.com to find out more
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Find out what Android devices are compatible

ChatsieOS can be installed on any smartphone that supports Google GSI images (such as those compliant with Google Treble).

Please see the table below for a non-exhaustive list of compatible phones.

Option 1: Check example list below

Note: These are phones we have tried and tested ChatsieOS installation on.

  • Samsung A22 (recommended)
  • Samsung A20-e
  • Samsung A-10
  • Samsung Galaxy A-5
  • Google Pixel 3A (and XL)
  • Google Pixel 4

Option 2: Check online

Check this page for a more exhaustive list of smartphones compatible with Google Treble. Note we are not responsible for this list and therefore it may at times be out of date.

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